B B-C’s Granny Stripe Blanket

B B-C's Granny Stripe Blanket

It’s so exciting when a pregnancy is announced, and it is extra so for me as it gives me several months to ponder over what gifts I can make for the new arrival. I had been wanting to make a Granny Stripe Blanket I had seen on the Attic24 blog for a long time, so with a pattern already chosen, I had just to pick the colour(s). Not knowing whether my friends were having a girl or boy limited my choices, but I had seen something similar earlier in the year and had admired the colour combination, so I drove my LYSO a bit loopy picking colours that were JUST RIGHT. It was a gamble using the pinks, but I know that the mother loves pink so I hoped that even if the baby was a boy she would still use the blanket. This blanket went everywhere with me through Autumn – watching swimming lessons and car journeys (not whilst driving, I didn’t get that obsessed) are obviously the place to get a bit of crochet done. So it has many memories for me, and hopefully it will hold many for B B-C as she grows too.


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