A Spring of Dresses

A lot of the things that I make are gifts. A lot of my friends have little girls, and little girls look pretty in dresses, so I spent Spring last year making Pillowcase dresses (I can’t find the link to the websites I used to work out how to make them, but I know that there are loads you can find – I have remembered now, one of the best is on Sew Like my Mom). I have to confess that I made the same dress for three little girls, but I chose the details specific to each recipient. So for one friend I chose a fabric with fairies, for another who loves Scandinavian style I chose a fabric with lots of spirals and for another with whom I began my love affair with Paris, I chose a fabric featuring the Eiffel tower.

This was exciting for me too as they were the first items I made and slotted a label into. The transfer paper didn’t work all that well – either the label didn’t stick on or I managed to burn it with the iron. But I think that may be because I used satin rather than cotton ribbon. But at even if the writing falls off, at least you know which is the front and which is the back. I went a bit crazy doing French seams with these as well as I think that they look so neat when they are finished. And the detail I loved most was the big fat ribbon ties. Most likely because I wasn’t the parent trying to tie them so that they stayed together. One of my friends did report a wardrobe malfunction akin to Janet Jackson. Ooops!




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