Something kinda ooh, jumping on my tutu


I saw a Bob & Blossom pettiskirt and fell in love. I wanted to be five again and twirl round in it all day. But as that is the sort of behaviour frowned upon in a grown woman I passed on my want and decided our daughter needed one. But I also knew that there was no way my husband was going to let me spend lots of money on it. So I started researching, and there are loads of  tutorials on how to make them. I struggled to find nonfray chiffon you need to make them in the UK though so I ordered a bespoke kit from the USA through Etsy, which came with great instructions.

I wanted to make one in fushcia pink. But my little girl chose a combination of her favourite colours of pink and yellow. Which meant I spent most of the (I hope that you are sitting down) week it took me to make it with ‘Copacabana’ running through my mind ~ only because of the reference to “yellow feathers in her hair” ~ but it was enough of a colour connection to subject me to more Barry Manilow than even I can take.

I reckon if I made one of these again I would be able to do it a lot quicker – cutting all the strips took over a day (though admittedly it was a day with breaks for tea, and cake, and then a bit more tea and cake), but now that I have a cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter (thanks Mum) it would be a breeze.


You need to be prepared to embrace your inner child and love being surrounded by metres of ruffles. Which I did. Lovely!


There is a lot of gathering to do and you need a lot of space to spread all the layers out to make sure that you gather them to the right lengths.


But I was relieved to find that I had minimal thread snapping so the gathering wasn’t too frustrating.


I made the pettiskirt whilst the children were away, so I was a bit worried about whether the princess would like after a week of my time had been spent on it, but to my great relief she LOVED it and twirled round in it all afternoon, just as I had wanted! Although after putting so much love and dedication into making it I am still reeling slightly from my BFF’s husband’s shout of “What the heck is that?” He might have a point. But my little girl and I choose to ignore it.



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