Even more Amy Butler. But that’s it. For now.

I did give Amy Butler a rest for a while. Then I was looking for a fabric to make Colette Pattern’s Sorbetto top and saw an Amy Butler fabric in bright green, navy and white, which co-ordinates with existing items in my wardrobe… If you have been watching the Great British Sewing Bee you may recall seeing this fabric used on there for a dress, and for the comments about the lantern print not being central. It totally confused my son who wondered why my top was on TV as a dress being made by a man.

I had some time to work through this make, so even made a toile first and adjusted the darts so they pointed correctly to the bust apex. I used French seams (I love a French seam)

Sorbetto French seam

and I lined up my lanterns almost centrally, so I felt very proud of my final creation. I’ve worn it a lot which I guess is proof of its success in my mind. There are a few mistakes, which I would try to rectify if I use the pattern again, but I’m not going to point them out to you. And I have tried to take my photo in such a way that it hides them…

Sorbetto in Amy Butler Lantern print


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