Lots of love

I do like to make matching bits and bobs for my daughter and niece, and at the same time that I made plenty of pillowcase dresses  for my friends’ girls, I made them both shirred sundresses from fabric featuring rainbow coloured hearts. I trawled several sundress tutorials, and as though shirring wasn’t enough of a test for a novice sewer I decided I would also shape the arm holes so that the dresses fitted a little better ~ rather than leaving the tops of the dresses straight and ruffled just under the armpit which I thought would be rather uncomfortable to wear. And as it turned out shirring is fun – especially when you realise you can just sew each row of shirring a sewing foot apart and don’t need to draw parallel lines to follow. Because that was dull. But ruffling is great!

I wish that I had just stuck with something simple because I cut the wrong size or shape of armhole and ended up having to fiddle with both girls’ dresses so that they could wear them without showing too much chest off. But you learn from your mistakes, and in the end they both had something which was wearable if not quite as cute and cleverly designed as I initially imagined.

sundress shirred detail

shirred sundress

heart dress plus hat


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