As a little chap our son loved cows. Well, he still loves cows, but probably loves Batman and Spiderman a bit more now. So, his third Birthday party was cow themed.


Our son doesn’t get much (anything actually) made for him. Mainly because I am scared to stitch trousers and shorts. And partly because I know that I’ll take time to make them and then he will rip holes in their knees. So I buy them from H&M instead and save myself time and money.

But I did make him some t-shirts for his Birthday. Well, I didn’t make the t-shirts. I appliqued them instead. Using pictures from ‘Moo Cow’ by Nick Sharratt and ‘Hamish the Highland Cow’ by Natalie Russell, felt, fake fur, interfacing and a lot of hand stitching time I made him a pair of cow tops.

hamish tshirtmoo cow tshirt

And he loved them!

hamish tee

Almost as much as the cake. Mmmmmmmmmm (well someone had to eat the rest of the pack of Minstrels).

cow cake


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