The lion sleeps tonight…

…or, as one of my school friends and I prefer to sing “le lion est mort ce soir” following what (seemed to us to be) a hilarious French exchange trip when this was playing as we got off the coach to take a tour of a champagne factory. My husband was on this trip too, but he can’t remember even going round the champagne cellars, which were huge and filled with bottles of champagne in racks being turned by hand every few days, so there is no way he’ll remember songs being played on the coach radio.

But I am distracted (I spend most of my life distracted), our daughter needed to dress up as her favourite book character for school. Not for World Book Day as most schools do, but for her school’s book week, several months before World Book Day. Our daughter is a book worm, and over the Summer holidays we we read our way through the Narnia books together. Though I read them all when I was younger I could only remember the story in the first two, so it was a treat for both of us. So it was not surprising that her choice of book character was Aslan.

I went to our local ASDA an bought up anything mustard coloured to see whether I could upcycle it into an outfit. There was a surprising amount to choose from, but I am also a cheapskate at heart so I chose the cheapest option – an man’s fine knit jumper which swamped her and came nearly to her knees.

I got our daughter to try it on and then much to her dislike I pinned it to make it fit her closer at the side seams, and I also closed up the v neck somewhat, putting a slight pleat in. I pulled it off her whilst she complained about the pins, used the sewing machine to set the adjustments I had made. Not wanting to waste anything, I made the arm pieces I had cut off into a long tube, stuffed it with toy stuffing, and finished one end off with some brown wool before attaching to the back of the jumper / lion tunic as a tail. I probably made the tail a bit to big and bulky as it did have a tendency to pull the jumper backwards, but I’m sure she didn’t notice.

The night before she went to bed with a head covered in velcro rollers to give her a BIG head of hair, and the with a face paint nose, and some gold tights, the look was complete… Thankfully she didn’t encounter the White Witch so did not need to fear being tied to a table and having her mane shaved off before being rescued by mice, she just had a fun day at school.

lion full lengthlion mane