Baby SJ’s Blanket

This was my February project. I made it for friends who were expecting their second baby at the end of February (she was due on my Birthday, but little monkey stayed in a day too long to celebrate her special day with me). I was perhaps a little over-hopeful that I would get it completed in time, but I tried. I had a total nightmare with the pattern (All-Around Blanket from Patons) at the start, and even after a lot of help from my ever-welcoming LYSO, I still had to frog this back three times or so.

I used the wrong size hook and consequently the gauge was wrong and the finished blanket wasn’t as big as I had wanted. I did an extra few rounds of popcorn stitch and some single crochet rounds as a border and finally completed it. Hoorah!Popcorn blanket close up IMG_2549

PS I know that I should really have blocked it to square it up, but well, I had to send it to Baby SJ before she hit her 1st Birthday!!