Toasty and Warm. And Orange

One of my friends loves orange. And retro.¬† And recently moved into a new house. So obviously she needed a tea cosy as a house warming present (she loves tea too, I’m not kidding, this woman must be 70% tea rather than water). My friend had already picked out the pattern she wanted from Ravelry and I chose a lush orange yarn from Knit Nottingham to make it.

It was a different pattern to work with since the stitches are worked in the front or back loops to give the ribbed effect. I couldn’t follow the pattern exactly because it didn’t fit the teapot I had, so it made the whole process a bit of a worry – after all the work, would it fit round the teapot? Thankfully it did, but I would strongly advise against trying to fit the cosy when the teapot is full of boiling hot tea.

tea cosy


Baby SJ’s Blanket

This was my February project. I made it for friends who were expecting their second baby at the end of February (she was due on my Birthday, but little monkey stayed in a day too long to celebrate her special day with me). I was perhaps a little over-hopeful that I would get it completed in time, but I tried. I had a total nightmare with the pattern (All-Around Blanket from Patons) at the start, and even after a lot of help from my ever-welcoming LYSO, I still had to frog this back three times or so.

I used the wrong size hook and consequently the gauge was wrong and the finished blanket wasn’t as big as I had wanted. I did an extra few rounds of popcorn stitch and some single crochet rounds as a border and finally completed it. Hoorah!Popcorn blanket close up IMG_2549

PS I know that I should really have blocked it to square it up, but well, I had to send it to Baby SJ before she hit her 1st Birthday!!

A Clean Start to a New Year

My Mum was disappointed that she didn’t get a dishcloth under the Christmas Tree. So contrary to my husband’s opinion on what every mother wants as a gift, I thought I would make it up to her by making one as a Thank-you-for-our-Christmas-Gifts-Gift (though there is a slight worry this could start a thank-you-for-your-gift-gift chain that could never be broken, like the chain letters we had as children, remember them?). I have used this pattern¬† before, it’s pretty but functional as the nubbly bits


are good for scrubbing. It’s just important to concentrate as you crochet and watch Poirot that you don’t get the stitches skewed by watching Poirot too closely and the crochet not close enough.IMG_1248