You start one biscuit, and before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole packet

Although unlike one of my friends who would wake up in the morning with foil on her face after mysteriously eating KitKats in the night, in this case I got carried away making felt biscuits rather than eating them. For our niece’s 1st Birthday we gave her a tea set and everyone knows that with tea you need cake. Or biscuits. I spent far too long pondering what to make for her, but in the end I plumped for these felt biscuits, using the tutorial from this website . I made a selection of different biscuits: chocolate chip cookies, iced hearts (stitching the sprinkles seemed to take forever) and jammie dodgers.


The children then made a Gingerbread Man and Lady each, with all the little details we used glue for these rather than sewing everything on. But can I find photos of these?!

I was greatly pleased to find our niece plays with these a lot, it’s the whole point of making them really isn’t it?