Going a bit Amy Butler crazy

Before our niece was born I really wanted to make something  special for her that hopefully she would keep for some years to come. Her Mum and I agreed I would make a mobile for her room, and came across this lovely pattern and tutorial from Spool Sewing. There are no end of photos of different variations that people have made on Flickr, it is such a simple idea it opens itself to several interpretations.

My niece’s room was decorated white but with bright accents, so I looked for fabric to co-ordinate. In hindsight perhaps a bundle of bright polka dot fabric would have been good, but I went all out for Amy Butler. And what fun I had…

Firstly I made lots of little birdies, and nearly didn’t want to let them leave my house (I have kept a runt one because I couldn’t quite bear to let it go).

bird mobile birds seated

Then I annoyed my neighbours by spray painting branches white in the garden late in the evening. The only way I could think to get an even all over coat of white was to hang the branches off the washing line and spray them. Which meant a good 20 minutes of can shaking and spraying whilst they were trying to have a BBQ. Ooops.

And then I spent ages deciding on my bird positioning. It may not be all the obvious, but they are roughly in a rainbow order starting the pinks and reds at the top and moving into blues on the bottom branch. I tried using fine wire to attach the birds to the branches, but sadly the birds twisted themselves to hang upside down (so it would work wonderfully for bats). So I ended up with a less delicate option and hot glued them on. But nearly 2 years on those birds are still stuck in place. I don’t think that they are ever budging. Budging. Budgies. Ha!

The final task was to hang the branches together so that they were balanced and could move. Which again I tried to do in a neat way with clear thread, but the branches twisted, so I had to resort to white cotton. But, and this is surely what you have been reading through to see, the finished item was done…

bird mobile 1

And the view from below…

bird mobile from below