Easter T-Shirts

I spend a lot of time looking at blogs. A LOT. And I was inspired by the t-shirts on the MADE blog, so much so I got myself some cheap t-shirts from H&M, some freezer paper, fabric paint and decided to make Easter t-shirts for my two and our niece. And then I sat and thought. And thought some more. And put it off. And then realised Easter was only a few days away and I had done nothing. But, hoorah, inspiration struck and I drew two designs… one a chicken (based on the chicken in the book ‘Rosie’s Walk’) and one a Batman egg. I’m quite proud of the cheeky egg on the backs of the girl’s t-shirts.


The choice of a Batman egg is slightly longer and slightly less obviously Eastery story… my daughter had to decorate a hard boiled egg for a school competition, so my son decorated one too. And I had just seen this one on Pinterest so we had a go at making our own variation – and then I drew it to decorate his t-shirt.


It was the first time that I had used fabric paint and freezer paper, but I am a convert. I loved it. But my lessons were:

  • put another sheet of freezer paper between the layers of t-shirt, I used a sheet of cardboard, and am still picking off the card which is stuck on the inside of the t-shirt.
  • those little nicks with a knife do leave a gap through which the fabric paint leaks, but I was aiming for a rough finish so that’s OK (?!).
  • cooking the t-shirts to fix the paint seems like a much better idea than standing with an iron over them for 5 minutes praying that the fabric doesn’t burn. Although it is a bit strange. Cooking t-shirts. It reminded me of a school friend who tried to dry her jeans under the grill ~ it didn’t work…