A small spider surprise

In the Summer I like wearing skirts. I live in jeans most of the time so wearing a skirt feels like a bit of a treat. My Mum gave me a Prima pattern for a skirt similar to one I already have and I wear a lot, so I decided to have a go at making it. I chose a fabric with a white background and lots of bright birds on, to maximise what tops I could wear with it and because, well, as I get older I find myself drawn to bird prints. And bird decorations. As well as pearls and cut glass. And sequins. I wonder at what point my ageing will dictate I start to like sandals like this…

granny sandal

It seems to come to all of us at some point (though my paternal Grandmother refused to wear the ones she was given).

It was only as a I studied the fabric as I cut it out that I found it didn’t just feature pretty birds, it also had spiders in webs. Hmmmm.

skirt spider

This skirt was fairly simple to make, and I was proud as I managed to insert a zip without too much hoohah. I do wonder if I cut it a bit too long though – what do you think? Should I cut it to be on the knee rather than on the calf?

bird skirt full length from the back

And if I use this pattern again I need to try and work out how to add some pockets. Because you need pockets – else not only will I be longingly looking at the sandals featured above and wearing pearls, I will also be tucking a tissue under my bra strap, and my conversion to Granny chic will be complete.