Not Crazy Enough? Well, I did more reader, I did more…

Most projects I get obsessed by are gifts for others. Well, in the main, for others’ children. And in some cases (although I think it should probably be all, but then it ruins surprises) I check first that the gift I have invested time and love into will be wanted. My husband is inclined to believe that in most cases they are not wanted but people are too polite to say so. I choose to ignore this.

I(nearly) always check with my sister-in-law because she will honestly tell me if something won’t be used. And she is even kind enough to think of things that I can make that are needed. Love her. But I do like surprises, so with the Amy Butler fabric left over from making a mobile for my niece, I fashioned a couple of extra bits and bobs.

Everyone with a baby needs a basket to fill with nappies and wipes and nappy bags and cotton wool and, and, well, baby stuff. Indeed, most people need more than one of basket to fill with such stuff. So I lined a basket with some of the fabric. Which I thought would take me an hour. Hmmm, the fabric left overs didn’t quite fit so it was a bit more fiddly. And took a bit longer. Ahem.

basket lined in Amy Butler fabric

And then I got a bit carried away with being sentimental. Our little girl’s favourite cuddly toy is a piglet, so when I knew we were going to be having a niece, we bought a piglet for her to have from our daughter. And I made both the girls matching tops, so then I made both of their piglets matching tops from the Amy Butler fabric too. The pattern for all four tops is from Prudent Baby, but shrunk down a bit for the piglets.

Piglet 2 in Amy Butler