Toasty and Warm. And Orange

One of my friends loves orange. And retro.  And recently moved into a new house. So obviously she needed a tea cosy as a house warming present (she loves tea too, I’m not kidding, this woman must be 70% tea rather than water). My friend had already picked out the pattern she wanted from Ravelry and I chose a lush orange yarn from Knit Nottingham to make it.

It was a different pattern to work with since the stitches are worked in the front or back loops to give the ribbed effect. I couldn’t follow the pattern exactly because it didn’t fit the teapot I had, so it made the whole process a bit of a worry – after all the work, would it fit round the teapot? Thankfully it did, but I would strongly advise against trying to fit the cosy when the teapot is full of boiling hot tea.

tea cosy