More Bird Print?!

I had a tunic top from M&S that I loved. I wore it so much (because it looked good with jeans, or just a cover up on the beach – as though I spend all my time on the beach, may be once a year. In Suffolk. And not the trendy bit of Suffolk at that) the cotton gradually wore down and eventually there were too many holes in it to be able to wear it out in public anymore.

Again my Mum had saved me a pattern from Prima which looked similar, so I thought I’d give it a go. As the pattern called for cotton lawn I tracked some down, and spent rather a lot on some Liberty fabric – with some pretty birds in. But knowing how much I had worn the original tunic I hoped I would get my money’s worth.

liberty tunic neckline

I cut the fabric pieces nearly a year before I made the final tunic. And after that delay, I still held of finally finishing it because I had a bit of difficulty with the hems on the sleeves and the bottom of the tunic, I just couldn’t get the hem done on the machine without getting tucks – and on the sleeves a line of stitching just looked wrong. So this did involve a fair bit of hand stitching to finish the hems. But my Mum always tells me that my maternal Grandmother would have been appalled at the way hems show on clothes nowadays, so I feel as though I have revived one of her skills with neat and invisible hems.

Liberty tunic side view

My husband doesn’t really like it, he thinks the fabric is too chintzy. And I think that if I had made a muslin first I would probably have shaped the side hems a to give a bit more of a fitted shape, but I have done French seams and there is no way I am unpicking those beauties. I have received a few compliments wearing it, so I must have done something right.